Advantages of MetaTrader Signals for Traders

MetaTrader 4 and the recently introduced MetaTrader 5 provide electronic trading signals used by online retail currency traders. The software consists of client and server components and is available to brokers who provide it to their traders. The server component is executed by the broker. Customer software is used by the operator to view real-time pricing as well as charts, place online orders and manage their account. MetaTrader signals are a trading and social service with millions of traders subscribed to the same platform, with the obvious opportunity for additional profit.

Signals” in the new Meta Trader trading platform allow traders to connect to any signal from a provider anywhere in the world. A trader can select and subscribe to any trading signal provider and then duplicate these offers in his trading account.


What are the advantages of Meta Trader’s signal service for traders?

First of all, subscribing to the Meta Trader service is simple and even a beginner trader can start trading with just a few clicks. Once the Meta Trader terminal has been installed, the trader simply selects a signal provider and can start trading.

With the Meta Trader platform, a trader is not obliged to reach any formal agreement with the provider. Only the pricing and trading conditions of the signal provider require an advance agreement. Meta Trader’s signal offering is the largest in the market, with thousands of successful traders worldwide providing their signals. Additionally, there is no stipulation that a trader must maintain an account with the same brokerage company and signal provider. There is total freedom of choice when it comes to selecting a brokerage firm.

There are no commissions for the supplier. A merchant only pays for what has been agreed upon when registering for the service. There are also several payment options available.

Less Fraud

The possibilities of fraud or fraudulent behaviour of the signal providers using the Meta Trader platform are almost non-existent, as the providers are carefully examined. It is of course essential that the chosen signal provider is trustworthy, so it is a good idea to find out before selecting someone.

With Meta Trader the chances of loss are lower than with other investments, as a trader can select a signal provider with a track record that meets his expectations and whose trades can be copied into his own trading terminal. Operations are synchronized in real time and automatically placed.

Security and anonymity

Another important aspect of the MetaTrader platform is that it is secure and anonymous. A trader does not have to worry about privacy as traders’ information is not visible to signal providers.

MetaTraders can copy the Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels from your signal provider. For novice traders, who don’t know when to place Stop Loss or when to register profits, this can be a real advantage. In addition, an operator has the option to designate the percentage of the quantity he or she wants to trade. This helps stop unexpected losses and maintains a buffer zone for your account. Another option is the “Stop if Equity is Less than A” tool, a feature that stops all actions if the equity level in the trader’s account falls below a preset level. All positions are automatically closed and pending orders are also removed. This limits one’s losses.

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