Forex trading purchase error in forex

The foreign exchange market has very few barriers to entry, which makes it one of the most accessible daily transactions markets in the world. If you have a computer, an Internet connection and several hundred dollars, theoretically you can start the day. But the fact that it is easy to start trading does not mean that it is easy to make a profit. There are many pitfalls that new Forex traders face. There are two business statistics that you need to protect especially. Your income and risk / return index. Your profit rate is the amount of operations you earn, expressed as a percentage. For example, if you earn 60 out of 100 transactions, your profit rate is 60%. As an intraday trader, you generally want to achieve a profit rate of more than 50%. Your reward / risk ratio indicates how much you earn and how much you lose in an average operation. If your average loss is $ 50 and your gain is $ 75, your reward / risk ratio is $ 75 / $ 50 = 1.5. As an intraday trader, you should keep your reward / risk above 1, and ideally above 1.25. If you keep your profit rate above 50% and your reward / risk above 1.25, then you are a profitable trader. It can still be profitable if the rate of profit is a little lower and your reward / risk a little higher, or if your reward / risk is slightly lower but your rate of profit is slightly higher. However, try to simplify it and use strategies that earn more than 50% of the time and offer a reward / risk ratio better than 1.25. Make a stop-loss order for each currency transaction you make. A stop loss is a compensation order that leaves you out of a business if the price in a move against you


specific amount A stop loss ensures that you exit a loss. The
price did not move as expected, so there is no reason to believe it is a losing
operation. Take the loss and continue with the next operation. A stop loss is
placed in a location that should not be touched if it correctly calculates the
direction in which the price will move in the short term. A stop loss order
must be made at the same time as a daily operation, not later. You want the
loss stop to activate as soon as you enter a task. If you have not made a stop
loss, you can not control your risk. Inserting a loss limit in each operation
helps control risk and avoids a common problem called “averaging
down”. The average is reduced when you perform additional transactions and
your position increases when the price moves against you. Adding a losing
company is a dangerous practice, since the price can move against you much longer
than expected. Not only does it not come out of an operation in which it loses
money, but it forms that larger position, which means that the loss increases
exponentially as the price moves against it and trade increases. Never risk
losing for a lost day of trading. Carry out an operation with the appropriate
position size and determine a stop loss in the stock market. When the price
reaches the stop loss, the operation is completed with losses. Forex investment
warning Why did it start with a warning about the losses?



The forex market can offer spectacular returns in record time, but you can also lose all your money in seconds. The currency market is one of the most important in the world, but it is also the easiest to enter, since there are brokers (currency brokers) that connect it to the market through a software (trading platform) and, literally, transactions from anywhere in the world. Do a few clicks, does that sound good?By investing money in Forex, you can double or even multiply your money by five as long as you keep track of your transactions and know what you are doing.    Market, but above all learn to analyze the price to improve decisions and achieve better results. The difference between a person who benefits from trade and a person who loses their money is the administration of money. If a person knows that he can double the money in a few minutes, he risks 100%, those who lose Everything in forex is due to the lack of seriousness, commitment and ignorance in handling money in each transaction. Have the main knowledge about risk management so as not to carry out blind transactions. You may know a lot about the market, books, websites, forums, etc., but if you are the last to leave money management, forget that it is profitable in Forex. Before investing and letting yourself be carried away by the emotion of believing that you have found the Gold mine, you need to learn some basic things about the market. You can obtain the necessary resources on this website in a simplified and direct way. In Divisas4x, you have provided resources and tools in an easy way to properly manage your money, and even before you invest your money



Real money earnings potential to take into account with the minimum risk for your transactions. You can make the trade as difficult as you want. I advise you not to overload yourself with all the repeated information on the Internet. Focus your efforts on a single objective. Let me give you an example: if you know how to drive a car, you do not have to study mechanical engineering to know the compression of the combustion chamber, of course, it is not bad to know certain details to know which car you have. Point to point leads from A to B, but you can concentrate on the most important and simple

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