The structure of the forex.

Market Forex is a decentralized market, there is no single transaction location. Banks and institutional brokers transact directly, electronically and without realizing this through a common location. It takes 24 hours to complete a transaction from the Asian session to Europe and the United States, continuing the cycle throughout the week. Next, let’s see how this interbank market is emerging. The interbank market is a unit that consists in uniting the volume of transactions of several banks, institutional channels such as coverage foundations and ECN brokers. All this is true until the late twentieth century, but from there channel retailers also emerged individuals to conduct transactions through brokers. The ECN differs from the retail agent in that the latter are market makers and do not send orders as ECN directly to the interbank market. More recently, retail agents, or at least some, are migrating to the business model of ECN so that the end user can pass their business directly to the interbank market. Where I’m going Until 1998, the currency market was reserved for banks, mutual funds or investors with many resources. This was because the guarantees required to operate were MillionaireBeginning. In 1998, the first online retail brokers in the United States and the United Kingdom brought together hundreds of small investors in a single channel. These brokers can give guarantees and could do so through the small guarantees that customers give when they invest in brokers. Forex against stocks and futures.


In view of the actions: As we said, Forex is open 24 hours in
front of the actions with opening hours in any place. The currency leverage can
be from 200 to 1 against 2 to 1 of the shares. The execution is carried out
immediately, we always have a counterpart. There are no restrictions when it
comes to short sales.

Large fund transactions will not move the market. It is again a market open 24 hours.

The leverage of futures is 10 to 1 compared to the one we already know about forex.

Immediate execution, we always have a counterpart.

Liquidity 100 times higher.


We know that prices fluctuate due to macroeconomic data, political events, important global events or external factors such as weather, natural disasters, terrorism, etc. and speculative movements.

Technical analysis can help us track price movements without relying on fundamental data. It is great in the Forex market since it behaves very well even in very small graphics.

The currency pairs in which some currencies face other currencies in which we can trade, there are several main pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and there are also dozens of secondary crosses like EURJPY, EURGBP, EURCAD, CADJPY, etc. The first coin is called the base and the second the counterpart. At the interbank level, always think about the price of the base currency. For example, if you buy EURUSD, buy euros and sell dollars. As we can see in all these one minute operations, the price is set in a very good technical way when there is a dynamic, and we have several options to enter the European opening when opening Frankfurt and London, as we do In other lessons they have declared entrance center. Forex is the largest market in the world. It offers an impressive liquidity. We always have opportunities, whether in the daily business or in the long term. It’s the fashion market. Those who normally try do not return to action, futures, etc

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